Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport 1/8 by Tripoto

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Debadrita Basak
Okay, the flight took off by now and I didn't miss a single chance to capture the moments. This was the first time I was flying over the sea in daylight. So, I made a video. I had very enthusiastic and super excited kids as co-passengers.It took just 1 hour and few minutes to touch down Goa Airport.In airport, while I was taking my cart, I saw my luggage bag going through the belt. And I started running with my cart, took the bag and called the driver.Driver came and I got into the cab. The moment i got into the cab, at first I made the friendship with the man who was going to be my chauffeur for those five days.His name was Ajay. I asked him if he could allow me to have a fag as I came to know from him that it was going to take more than 1.5 hours to reach to the destination. And he just didn't say YES to me for the fag, he gave me a match sticks box too, as i didn't have any due to airport authority's rule.Okay, after the fag I plugged in my earplugs, switched ON the Google playlist and was just enjoying the roads that was sometimes crossing some backwaters and sometimes going through the bushy paths.
That's All Folks!
The flight takes off before hand with the pilot stating and quote ”we can use the early departure as an advantage”. A welcome Screen showing us the Current Speed of the Aircraft, Altitude, Outside temperature, Expected time to reach Ahmedabad and an on-the-fly route.
And, the journey began on a Saturday night to the Airport, with the new fleet of Taxi Service available OLA, we all met up at the International Terminal. Boarding pass, security checks, a custom declaration list (which was never checked or submitted),some wasteful time spent at the Airport, discussing how Consumerism has brought a miniature MALL bang-on in the Centre of the Airport before entering and moving onto our individual gates and bridges.
We cleared the immigration at Mumbai International Airport. Now we are technically not in India.
Shifa Thobani
Heading back home :)
Riket Shah
This was the beginning of our trip. It became special to us considering the experiences we had at the airport with go air flight