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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Neha Shrivastava
Once I reached Churchgate, came out and went to Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum. The good part of that area is its architecture. The whole essence of the place changes, when you look around at those 100 years old buildings, the grey bricks, no way closer to the new buildings. They are just classic and retro. I bought the ticket, Rs 70, huh? went inside the museum. As soon as I entered, I had the feeling of entering into New York museum of natural history (been there) on a smaller scale but it was good. You can see lot of sculptures from 14th century AD at the ground floor. I was just thinking, the mythology was still same even that point-in-time. I could see sculptures of Brahma, Vishnu, Krishna awatars and its all the same. Lakshmi-Ganesh, everything.The museum was good, there's one mumy also inside the museum, The history is back-in-time, britishers got mummies from Egypt, took most of them back to England, just left one here. It was the same. It was a wooden box,with big eyes and nose carved with some yellow black paint. So, yeah I had goosebumps.Then I went to the Coin section which showed the evolution of coins in India since then to now. All I could understand was, in the beginning, the coins were very very small round and square shape, with few carvings. When the greeks entered India, the size of the coin became bigger and bigger. During the reign of Mughals, not only the size of the coin became bigger but it also became heavy with much of urdu carvings on the coin. Similarly you have Himalayan section, history on who introduce Buddhism, how is it different from Tibbetan and Nepali culture and some of the facts were really interesting.There was one video which showed how they make carvings on metals with the shape of elephants or others. It's really tough and time taking job. Lot of fineness is required to make it. You know what, it's worth every dime we pay for it. I don't know what government is doing to encourage it ( am surely going to find out) and how long people will be motivated to keep it going. Life is not so easy!