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Eventually we found a hotel in Colaba (Hotel Strand), it was over our budget but by that point we didn't care and checked in. It turned out to be quite nice and a good location right on the waterfront and near the Gateway of India. Breakfast Time
This is where you really see and feel the buzz of this lively city. It's full of colonial buildings and established and more modern restaurants. It's difficult to recommend any key things to see and do here. In my opinion the best approach is just to wander around and experience it for yourself. Be mindful of the crazy yellow and black taxi's and noisy buses belching plumes of choking smoke. You'll have fun navigating the sidewalks crowded with people going about their daily business and street hawkers selling their wares. The streets are lined with shops and stalls selling a plethora of Indian handicrafts, clothes, jewellery and everything else you could think of. It's fun to explore these but try haggle prices down to what you're prepared to pay. Remember though many of the vendors are poor so don't be too ruthless. When you get hungry or thirsty be sure to pop into Leopold Cafe, one of the most established and famous cafes in Mumbai. It's mentioned in the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and was also the target of the 2008 terrorist shootings. It has cheap beer and tasty food in a lively atmosphere.
Vishvanath Bhatt
Taj of Mumbai
Hanan Becker
Spend some time walking aroud, feeding pegions and trying to catch up on some history if it interests you. You will be plagued by photogtaphers to get you to click a 'tip of the monument in your hands picture'. It does not cost more than 20 Rs, so if you are feeling generous get one clicked and pay for his evening dinner.
Colaba is the southern most tip of Mumbai & is a great place to stay. The hotels are quite expensive in this area but the charges are justified considering the location. There are numerous cafes & eating joints in Colaba, lots of places to party & hang out. Gateway of India & Taj are located in Colaba. Marine Drive & Chowpatty are just a few kilometers away. The crowd & energy of Colaba is great.
Arushi Dutt
Also known as the Afghan Church, the St. John’s Church, located in Colaba, was built in commemoration of the Afghan soldiers who lost their lives in the First Afghan War from 1835-43.
Naidu Pothala
Posh just posh.