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It was probably Dadar where we got down, switched to another local train that took us to Andheri, got into a hotel there, prepared ourselves for job interviews, visited consultants the following day, attended a walk-in interview in a firm somewhere in Powai, loafed in Santacruz and streets of Mumbai, strolled in Juhu Beach and it felt like we almost belonged there.It was me and my colleague who wanted to try Mumbai Job market for some god forsaken reason then. The only memory I have of that trip was that we returned home jobless and decided to focus on our existing profiles with deeper interest if we have to try our prospects anywhere else in near future. That was the only single most important memory associated with that trip – a sinking feeling of being incompetent.A few years later, I read Gregory’s Shantaram that stirred my interest for Mumbai again. In 2009, I watched Wake up Sid and all over again I fell in love with the city - The way Sid was promoting Mumbai Monsoon in that movie- It is something to die for and all.I decided to have a short backpack trip on my own and spend some time clicking snaps of Marine Drive and just sitting there without any other agenda to visit the city - Mumbai monsoons onlyI had to decide on accommodation – Hotel, relatives or friends? The first option was ruled out as I would offend both my relatives and friends in Mumbai as I did last time and got a mouthful for it. Ruled out.Staying with relatives was an equally bad idea as they will not be able to absorb the fact that I am travelling to Mumbai by train, taking leave from my corporate world, just to click some snaps of Marine Drive and see the monsoon. Ruled out.So I finally settled for a friend’s place – someone I knew for over a decade.One day before the trip, my friend called me to advise that I should just get down in Kalyan, which comes forty five minutes after Karjat and she will pick me up from there. I suggested I will be able to come to her place in Thane all by myself.One of her colleagues offered to pick up in his car (Bless Him).My friend knew my agenda was to see Mumbai Monsoons. That is all. Nothing else. She mocked it is not a good idea to watch monsoon with luggage. I looked around for the car and all I could see was the crowded, busy Kalyan station.This generous and jobless colleague of hers offered to show us around the length and breadth of the city the next day.
Nomadic Meteor
Fast forward to the day of the trip.It's 5:00 am and I have just boarded the cab. How will I catch a 5:25 am train? What if I miss the train? With all these thoughts in my mind, I kept bugging the driver to drive faster. Finally at 5:24 am I boarded Dadar - Madgaon Jan Shatabdi for Chiplun. After a 4 hour long journey I got down at Chiplun and caught an auto rickshaw to Chiplun bus stand. Since there was no direct bus available for Velaneshwar, I had to first go to Guhagar and then catch another bus to Narwan which goes via Velaneshwar. The ride to Guhagar was smooth but the ride from Guhagar to Velaneshwar was quite a bumpy roller coaster ride.
Yasmin Mirza
Dadar Mumbai : One of the most sophisticated market. One can find everything here at a cheaper price. Also you will get a chance to see the Alia Bhatt’s house.
Apeksha Raut
We started our trek as the sunset was just in front of us. Enthusiast since morning we actually didn't work a pinch in our respective offices as we had half day working and got to catch a 3.20 pm train from Dadar to Lonavala. Keeping work aside we were busy whatsapping each other on what to carry, should we do reservation(which we successfully did at the end moment- Rs. 130 pp), should we carry dinner and what not.
Vinay Thakur
We started our journey from dadar station ,mumbai . I and my brother and my office friend ANKAN ( A travel freak ) . We started our journey together and reached to neral ,matheran . for more Info and read in detailed Click here