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September - May
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Dhobi Ghat

Priyanshi Singhal
While people in Mumbai come with the weekend plans of clubbing and hanging out at Marine Drive, I came with the wish to explore another face of Mumbai which is wrapped under places like Dharavi, Dhobighaat and weekend hiking along the Shayadris off course.Initial few monsoon Saturdays were spent trekking to the Shayadris, and sleeping on Sundays - being crowded everywhere and anywhere.After spending 3 months here and numerous failed morning plans to step into the so called unsafe areas for a single girl, i realized there is not much time left for me in this city i geared my boots to plan soon. Reading a lot about still existing 140 years old and world's largest open air laundromat, I wanted to be there to see how it works.4 AM Dhobighaat i spoke to a friend of mine. But what happens at 4 AM there he exclaimed. I want to see the change of activities from sunrise to late morning. Because i knew by saying 4 we wont reach before 5 for sure.Failed morning plans are huge disappointments and i didn't want to miss this. Even after sleeping at 2.30 AM i made to wake up at 4.45 AM, we reached Dhobighaat by 5.15 AM.The first view was all dark from the MahaLaxmi Bridge and after a short troll inside i thought i should wait till it get some light. While we were dozing off and craving for morning breakfast, we saw a shop open which asked us to wait for 10 minutes when and we could get something to eat. What could be better when a North Indian is served with decent Poha and upma in Mumbai.
Naidu Pothala
Just roam around the streets of this ghat.