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Mumbai, adorned in a Colonial charm, is the perfect amalgamation of the modern in a historical setup, flavored with a cosmopolitan essence! Mumbai is much less a tourist destination, with fewer tourist attractions than its counterparts, though what matters most in this ‘city of dreams’ is the ‘experience’ which is overwhelmingly worth it! So, if you are in Mumbai and have just one day to explore, then here are a list of few key places to visit in Mumbai in one day.

  • Gateway of India
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The pride of Mumbai with a spectacular grace, the Gateway of India is world famous and one of the most significant places to see in Mumbai in one day. Draped in history, built in 1911 to welcome King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay, the Gateway of India, a massive high arch structure inspired by Muslim-Indian architecture, standing 85 feet tall at the Apollo Bunder Port, is right opposite the exquisite Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba. A walk along the complex surrounding the monument provides a beautiful view of the harbor lined with an ever growing collection of yachts and ferry boats that take tourists on a tour of the Arabian Sea.

Often as the sun sinks into the Arabian Sea, a walk along the Strand Promenade that runs from the Radio Club to the Gateway of India, tends to take one back in history, as the streetscape is lined up with grand white-washed buildings in Colonial era architecture.

  • Bazaar walk

Mumbai is a shopper’s destination and without a market tour in the city, the one day trip in Mumbai is incomplete. The Crawford Market graced with an Archetypal-Gothic architecture is the oldest in the city, while the high end Mangaldas Market is the ‘Mecca’ of designer items, as fashion statements from all across the world are blended together in this high street destination. The Flower Gallia is the 100 year old flower market with an aura of exotic bloom and aroma.

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The Colaba Causeway Market caters to every taste, style and budget, and a few meters from it, the street markets has an eclectic mix of clothes to antiques and quirky stuff! Post the bazaar walk, after the one day outing in Mumbai, one can grab a beer and a quickie in the Leopold Café or even the Café Mondegar, the best hangout places in the city.

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  • Marine Drive
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Marine Drive is the most mesmerizing at sunset, located on the seaward western side of Mumbai. This iconic three kilometer promenade, with Nariman Point on one end and the Chowpatty Beach on the other, is the envy of the city, featured in many bollywood movies. At nightfall the streetlights light up the curve of the Marine Drive making it look like a string of glowing jewels and is thus referred to as the ‘Queen’s necklace’. With a variety of street food along the way, Marine Drive is the perfect place to unwind, sitting by the ocean, taking in the cool evening sea breeze and is a must visit during a one day trip in Mumbai!

  • The Regal Circle

The area is earmarked by Colonial architectural laurels, with the art deco Regal Cinema built in 1933, and the imposing Prince of Wales Museum (currently the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangaharaly) near the Regal Circle. Built in 1922 in Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, the museum has around 50,000 artifacts with a glorious display of history, sculpture, art and paintings.

The area nearby which is called the art district of the city and is actually the heart of the old British Fort Area, has the National Gallery of Modern Art situated in an impressive building with a large dome, which has displays of the works of India’s greatest contemporary artists. Again there is also the Jehangir Art Gallery at the Kala Ghoda, where the roads in the entrance are flanked by paintings and there are artists at work under the canopy of trees!

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In the periphery there are the Bombay docks, the Old Custom’s House along the road and the Asiatic Library.

Along the Madame Cama Road in the vicinity, there is the Mumbai University building and the large Oval ground on the left and the Cooperage Ground on the right, Phillips’s Antiques at the corner has some amazing old maps of Mumbai.

The Colaba Causeway, linked to the city’s physical history, built by the British to connect the Colaba Island to Mumbai, lead to the Sassoon Docks which is a bustling hive of fishermen selling their stock.

A one day outing in Mumbai is not complete without a walk around the Regal Cinema Circle area.

  • Koli Fishing Village

The Koli fisher folk are the indigenous population of Mumbai. Based in Cuffe Parade, colorful fishing boats line up the area surrounding the fishing village, which has managed to keep alive their vibrant culture and tradition by means of their occupation. With a clear-cut division of labor, the village in which has an interesting display of lifestyle, while the men go out to the sea, the women take the fish to sell in the local markets. A one day trip in Mumbai should include a visit to this village.

  • Fort District and Heritage Mile

The old Fort area in Mumbai is replete with a magnificent display of British Era architecture, especially Neo-Gothic and Indo-Saracenic. The centre of activity in South Mumbai, Fort is also called Flora Fountain because of the presence of two statues of relevance in the middle of the road, a girl in a fountain and a Martyr with a flame. Several buildings adorned in old world essence, like the Oriental Building and the exquisite St. Thomas Cathedral grace the area.

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Nearby are the Horminan Circle, with a charming park in the centre, and the Ballard Estate with many beautiful Colonial era buildings which often transforms into a film shooting site at night.

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The Heritage Mile starts from the Flora Fountain along the D N Road to the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus or the Victoria Terminus, the most stunning architectural laurel, to reach the Crawford Market, the whole stretch has the most significant display of Old World architecture, of British Gothic, Victorian, Indo Saracenic and Art Deco styles of architecture.

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The streets on either side are lined by vendors and shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs. Walking along the area, covers quite a few places to see in Mumbai in one day.

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There is much more to explore in this beautiful city, be it the drive down the Malabar Hill to visit the Hanging Gardens that give a panoramic view of South Mumbai and the Bangana Tank, even the Bandra Worli sea link, and the Parsi Towers of Silence, the sandy Chowpatty beaches, Dhobi Ghat as well as the numerous temples of holy ambience, and just a one day trip in Mumbai is never enough!

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