Gokuldham Colony

Sadhna Kumari
The next day was something which I think no Google search will have in their list. The place I was staying was Goregaon East. We had slept at 3 am in the morning and decided to go somewhere in the morning that means waking up at 5 am (We had 2-3 places in our mind). I got up at 6 AM next day and tried waking up all my friends to accompany me, none of them got up. After 40 min my friend, whose place we were staying at got up and we both decided to go somewhere. Both of us started. The area we were going to is called Gokuldhaam. The first thing which came on our way was a Tabela, a place where buffalo are kept and milking is done. Unfortunately both of us forgot money otherwise we would have bought fresh milk and drank. While walking down the road my friend strike with an idea to visit a lake called Mini Kashmir. It's was a 1 – 2km walk from Tabela. Unfortunately the lake was closed. The Opening time was from 9 am and we had reached there at 7AM. Anyways we had sneaked in and sat there for 15 min watching ducks and sharing our stories. The next stop was Kashmir point next to the lake. It’s a small mountain I would say from where view is beautiful. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to go inside. Apparently the entry for females starts from 9 AM and males could go inside, never mind we had to come back. The best thing about the morning was the walk which I really enjoyed. Walking on the road covered fully with trees from above was beautiful; one hardly gets to see roads like these in Delhi.We came back and the last destination was Siddhivinayak temple. One of the famous temples in Bombay people say it’s always full of devotes. Also one white small wall is there and it’s said if you write your wish just with your fingers, your wish comes true. I wrote mine. Let’s see if it comes to be true.While on way to airport we were talking to the driver, out of excitement we asked him what's his favorite place in the city, you know what he said 'my home'. At that moment i could only smile. I don't know why. I could only give a smile.Another driver shared that this city never sleeps. During night shifts he drives taxi and during day time his father drives. The taxi never stops. Nothing stops here.The trip is yet not over. I am still hung over Bombay, haven’t said a good bye yet. What I would want to share is that see as much as you can, learn as much as you can, just open yourself. I know a lot is still left to be seen, this is just a part of Bombay.Now what was my favorite part of the trip: - drive in the city, marine drive and the morning walk in Gokuldhaam.Keep TravelingKeep Being AwesomeA BIENTOT!