Arushi Sachdeva
4. Gurukripa (Sion)Another iconic joint managed so well that it felt exactly the same even after six years. We visited Gurukripa on a hustling sunday evening and as expected it was packed. Amidst all the chaos and the crowd we came across an elderly gentleman who insisted we stand at a table and he will get us whatever we wanted.We realised that he was the owner and was genuinely trying to help us. His courtesy and sense of customer satisfaction won us over. His dedication towards his customers even after all these years of running a super successful outlet is inspiring.Coming back to the food - I always have just one thing there - Samosa Chole served with onion and a tangy chutney, it is so good that I am yet to find something comparable anywhere else. And the whole combo containing two samosas costs only Rs. 35, so you can eat your heart out.