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Hanging Garden

This place provide sunset view over the Arabian Sea and feature numerous hedges carved into the shapes of animals. This place is known as hanging garden. This is also known as Firozeshah Mehta Gardens which are at the top of Malabar Hill, on its western side just opposite the Kamala Nehru Park. We booked cab & reached there & took entry as there is free entry for this garden & all age group people can enjoy here.Guys but there are some of the activities which are strictly prohibited & one should take care in the garden like playing outdoor games like cricket, football, kite flying, exercise, running, etc. Apart from these sleeping, drinking liquor, smoking are also prohibited.Some of the best things we can enjoy at this place is these are built on a water reservoir as it serves as a source of fresh water for neighbourhood areas.Guys in fact, it is also one of the most beautiful gardens in the city, with its sea-view, lush green bushes and animal-shaped topiaries. And one can find some british way as this garden has been built in a very British way  where you can find rows of flowers, a clock in the middle of the garden and an old woman’s shoe.We easily spend there good hours here doing activities like yoga, jogging, or just as a day out with your friends or family. Guys i will also recommend going coming here in the evening so as to experience the beautiful sunset you get to witness here, apart from the sea breeze that calms you down. Guys a must visit place if you are a nature lover !!
Anshul Ghiloria
Mumbai is famous for its street food- both veg and non-veg. If you're a non vegetarian; you are in for a treat. The biryani and sea food should be in your bucket list. For this you ought to go the Khao Galis of Mumbai. One place, very famous even in Delhi is Theobroma in Colaba. You have to go there to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each item of pastry will cost you around 100 bucks. You might that whole market of Colaba is a bit expensive but all great things come at a cost! Sadly I can not remember name of another bakery which offers cupcakes but you have to go there. It's near to Theobroma in the same lane, about 2-3 shops later maybe. Mumbai is a whole new world even though sometimes it seems like every other metro city. For us, North Indians, going to a whole new part of our country was amazing. It was more than just the beach I'd say. The not- so- scary night life, the cheap breakfast- Vad pav, the people and the differences in their ideologies- their friendliness and support to visitors. There is so much to the city.Mumbai is the hub of Indian film stars, you can see their Bunglows, might even see them waving at you. You can go to the Esselworld or take another trip to Lonavla to see green valleys. Mumbai is a place to party and relax. It's a place to find a different culture and to go there on a campus trip is a whole other thing! A college trip like this is cheap and it is celebrated in the memories of your college diaries!