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Krupal Shah
It was my coffee break during first week of October at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, preparing for my CA final Exams to be held in November 2017. After a few talks with new few friends at Cafeteria about "Kaise Chal rahi hai padhai?", those few friends went on their phones browsing through Instagram post and WhatsApp messages. To avoid awkward situation where those new few friend were on their phone and I sitting, looking at their faces, I also took out my phone, but had nothing to browse through as I was off my social media accounts. With sleepy eyes, I opened and just started browsing through Sky-scanner App, entering From "Mumbai" and Travelling to "Anywhere around the world". Suddenly I was awakened with my eyes sparkling at the screen. For a second, I thought "Should I be doing this?.. I shouldn't be concentrating on these distractions as I have my exams due in a month". I was about to close the app but then suddenly I checked, "after fees and taxes price" of the great deal on flight tickets from Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur-Mumbai. Thoughts started wandering on my mind a lot. That evening I left early from library and reached home to search and see if my BLANK passport was still valid and hadn't expired. I also checked my Bank account.Tickets BookedI had no plans of travelling alone, but knew that I would be wasting a lot of time at this crucial exam period asking my friends and cousins, which wouldn't be worth if they were to be cancelled and altered like most of the previous plans. So at approximately 01.30 AM, I checked again the after tax prices of Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur-Mumbai for 8 days trip after my exam date (the price had increased by Rs 1500) and at 02.19 Am after much much random thoughts and not able to take decisions, I entered my debit card details and successfully booked my flight tickets Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur-Mumbai from 17th November to 25th November 2017 for Rs 13,192 after all promotions and discounts from MakeMyTrip.com.