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Imbiss Meating Joint

Offbeat Voyagers
This is a very cosy little outlet located in the bylanes of Bandra. The food depicts passion and love for Meat. It offers a staggering variety of meat preparations complemented by authentic taste. The place has cosy seating, awesome decor and lovely ambiance. Perfect for spending a fine relaxing evening. A must try for all kind of meat lovers, name it and they have it.Recommended: Baby Back Spare Ribs(Rs. 509), Signature Sausage Platter(Rs. 319) and Bavaria(Rs. 79).
Where? A little restaurant tucked away behind Bandra’s Hill Road – Imbiss.What? Imbiss serves European, largely German, style fare. They have a meat-heavy menu that’s littered with different kinds of schnitzels, bratwursts and lots of pork. Perfect, especially if you’ve been travelling since 7 in the morning on nothing but a cup of tea.Why? If you’re in Mumbai and you’re in the mood for some heavy meat eating, at prices that are neither expensive nor cheap and you don’t care much for ambiance, Imbiss is a good bet.Everything I ate: