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Joey's Pizza

Offbeat Voyagers
The place to go if a delicious cheesy Pizza is what is on your mind. Getting a seat here is a task as this place is always crowded which should give you an idea of the kind of pizzas they serve. You could convert your car bonnet into a table and eat out. Pizzas are perfectly made with the right amount of toppings and a perfect size of the crust. They provide an option of having two choices of toppings on the same pizza which allows you to save money and still savour two different tastes.TIP: Average waiting time here is 30 mins.Recommended: Chicken Keema Garlic Bread(Rs. 160), Keema Do Pyaaza + Butter Chicken(Rs. 470) and Meat Ultimo(Rs. 520).
Jennifer D'mello
2. Joey's Pizza, Malad & Andheri - No pizza lover can ever deny a visit to the gourmet pizza resto in Mumbai. The one and only place which serves hot, juicy, well stuffed, graciously topped, delicious and cheesy pizzas. Ummm.. I can go on and on.