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Kayani Restaurant

sneha shenoy
Skip your hotel breakfast and hit the streets of Mumbai. There is no better way to kick-start your day than visiting one of those quickly disappearing Irani cafes tucked away in corners of Mumbai which have still preserved their old world charm in their décor, food & service. In the lane opposite Metro cinema you’ll find the 104 year old Kayani & Co., where you can order small white cups of piping hot chai and Bun Maska. The checkered table cloths, menus displayed through glass tops and wooden chairs make the ambience just about perfect to enjoy the soft sweet bread dunked in the milky tea. Akuri with crunchy toast can be ordered next to keep you just about full till we get to our next meal. If you don’t mind adding a little sweetness to the meal & if you’re lucky to get it, the caramel custard is a must-try.