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Khotachi Wadi

Priyam Agarwal
Exploring the path less traveled and covering the gems of Mumbai city.
Girl Explorador
It has been four five SIX months in the City Of Mumbai. Why the cut? Well, it is the 3rd or 4th time that I am working on this blog but could not fetch in time or peace to complete it. Well, this was my first exclusive visit to the city of dreams that I made in the second month in this city.The City well-defined with steaming hustle and the same madness of the crowd.
Adete Dahiya
The Perfect 21st Century MisfitAs soon as the rain mellowed down, I stepped into the lane leading to Khotachiwadi and the more I walked, the more the world changed. The noise of the traffic fazed out and the gloom of the city gave way to bright colours. In what looked like a dream world out of a fantasy film, Khotachiwadi was a small hamlet in the middle of the posh and bustling South Mumbai lined with colourful Portuguese-styled houses made of teak, each with open verandas, lush green backyards and wooden staircases on the exterior to access the upper floors.