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‘Every meal is an artful adventure, for both cook and diner,’ reads the introduction to The Lovefools on their webpage. The woman behind the ‘dinner lab,’ Chef Sarita Pereira explains that the lab, set in a cosy villa in Bandra, is an intimate community table that whips up elaborate eight-course dinners, every Saturday night at 8.30 pm. It gets better: Each course takes you to a different part of the globe. The menu changes drastically from one week to another, based on the choices of the diners. Nothing is conventional about the lab, certainly not the story behind it: Chef Pereira, on a whim, wrote to her favourite Michelinstarred Chef Nandu Jubany, in Spain.She didn’t expect to hear back, but she got mail. He invited her to work with him in Vic, a town set 70-odd kilometres from Barcelona. She learned the ropes from the best, specialised in Catalan cuisine, and subsequently mastered European, Far-Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines. A meal at The Lovefools starts with an amuse-bouche, moves on to tagine and paella, and eventually, you get the world on your plate. But every meal has one thing in common—two courses of desserts that contain her delicious artisanal ice creams. Chef Pereira relies on local and seasonal produce, whenever possible. For the more exotic dishes, she picks up spices when travelling abroad, and works closely with importers. Make sure you book your spot (`3,000) as seats are limited to 12. Or, opt for Trial Tuesday when the chef experiments with a host of ingredients and recipes, and you can expect delicious accidents—she prepares two or three courses for up to six guests.