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Mahalaxmi dhobi ghat

Priyanshi Singhal
Moving to a new city or place for me is an opportunity to explore the culture an dpeople of the place, beyond just visiting the obvious places and eateries. Similar was the case when I moved to Mumbai for a 6 month internship period. I wanted to experience trekking over the Shayadris over the weekends, also exploring the yet another face of Mumbai which is wrapped in streets, slums, old Architecture, Dhobighat( the world’s biggest open air Laundromat still existing.) Facts say that the washers, known as dhobis, work in the open to clean clothes and linens from Mumbai's hotels and hospitals which was constructed in 1890.You plan to do so much when you start living in a new place, and often start taking it granted that you have time. But only realise when you are soon to be leaving. Same happened with me, after spending already 3-4 months, with few treks over the weekend I wanted to visit other places. One fine morning plan was made to be at Dhobighat ( honestly morning plans are the most difficult to execute), because I wanted to see how people started the day, their change of activities during different hours of the day etc. Somehow, we(me with a friend) managed to reach dhobighat by 5 AM, saw a glimpse from Mahalaxmi Bridge, as it was dark we thought to treat our empty stomachs when we saw a shop which served Upma and Poha, what better can you ask North Indian for breakfast.
Husein Haveliwala