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Hanan Becker
Once you are at the base there are a flight of steps leading up to Kanheri Caves. Wear shoes or sandals with good grip. The natural basalt formations are a visual treat with little cave pools left behind by waterfalls that come to life when it rains. This place is a mark of ancient Indian architecture (Budhhist) and was once a place inhabited by Budhist disciples.The place shuts down at 5:30 PM so you will need to be here three hours in advance to not be in a hurry when you are here. You can also try and get a special pass to visit the park after 6:30 PM. Be careful of monkeys though and click pictures. I repeat, don't forget to add this to your bucketlist, it is a place frequented by International channels including National Geographic, BBC and the like. Best time to visit it would be the monsoons, when the waterfalls are in full swing.
Kaushir Raikar
Mumbai city of dreams, Concrete jungle still has some greenery left in its lap.It was during one of my brief stays in Mumbai that I came to know about Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a small reserve which protects the little greenery left in Mumbai.Its a must visit place in Mumbai if you want to detox all the commotion, hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city. The minute you step inside its like you have entered a new place altogether.The place is rich in flora and fauna and is teeming with waterfalls and springs (especially during thr monsoons) where you can take a dip and rejuvinate yourself.You can also see some classic example of subsistence farming of multiple crops and coexistence of mankind with nature;  which can be used to educate the future generation.Till date all I have heard about Mumbai is the hustle and bustle, commercialization and traffic (of course) but had never heard or seen this side of Mumbai.As they say "Expect The Unexpected In Mumbai"FIN