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Mumbai Central Railway Station Building

Raj Trivedi
We boarded the train from Mumbai Central and yes it was Golden Temple which takes 33 Hours from Mumbai to Amritsar with 34 stops.
Gireesh Gangadharan
Initially when planning we were 7 members who were ready for the trip. This was my first trip to the northern part of India and so was the case for most of us. As the planning started nearly 3 -4 months prior we were pretty much unsure of the route to take, booking and the expected budget. To add further to the pain of planning I was not getting a perfect itinerary, no blogs nothing, which would help us cover the main spots in Amritsar and Kasol travelling from Mumbai, let alone the route to take. We had 4 members backing out because of the news about the unrest on the India - Pakistan border(they are sure to have backout remorse after seeing our pictures :p), leaving us 3 to execute the plan. We decided to do prior booking of only the to and fro travel. To keep the budget under check we decided to travel in train when going to Amritsar and return by flight from Delhi.Day 1: AmritsarWe started our journey on 7th Oct,Friday night after a hectic office day. We boarded the Golden Temple mail from Borivali station at 10pm. We knew it would be a very tiresome journey, as it was 36 hours that we had to travel in the train. It was Sunday morning 8am that we arrived at the Amritsar junction. We hired an auto to go to the Golden temple for 100 bucks. After getting down we have to walk for 15-20 mins to reach near the temple. There are plenty of other gurudwaras too along the way. On the way we enquired for the rooms provided by the temple authorities at reasonable rates, and found one which was charging us 400 bucks for a night stay. We headed straight to our room to keep our luggages and to freshen up which we eagerly need after the long train journey. The room provided was more than a kilometer away from the temple and we had to walk. We had no time to waste so we took turn to get fresh as soon as we got to room.Harmandir Sahib(Mesmerizing Golden Temple)It was 11 am when we changed and started for the temple. We walked for half an hour to reach near the temple. We handed over our footwears on one of the many counters available there. We tied the customary orange scarf to our forehead before heading into the temple premises.