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Nordic kandie magic

In 2014, a sixth-generation marzipan-maker, Thea Tammeleht decided to enter the Mumbai market, armed with secret recipes passed down in her family with Nordic Kandie, and became an instant hit. Walk into the store and you’ll find marzipans in a range of fl avours (`150 onwards for a single piece) such as chilli mango, anjeer, peanut butter, and litchi. She brings the best of the world for her products: The key ingredient, mamra almonds, are imported from Iran; chocolate that covers the marzipan is imported from Belgium, and the pure gold garnishing is imported from Giusto Manetti (gilders since 1600)."While ‘artisanal’ in the realm of food is a word that’s been thrown around a fair bit, we’d like to think of it as food that’s handcrafted by an expert or someone with a passion for a particular type of cuisine. Naturally, it’s made in small batches. And the makers are almost always picky about where they source their products from."