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Pankaj Chavan
And so it started with the alarm at 0730am. I managed to get ready by 0815 and rushed for the motorcycle vendor while filming the busy streets of Chandigarh for my YouTube channel. The vendor kept me waiting for 15 mins and finally appeared rubbing his eyes as if he had slept 30 mins before. He upgraded by motorcycle from Standard to Thunderbird, that was a generous offer and I very happy with it.
Krupal Shah
Departure day- 17th November 2017Finally the D-Day arrived. Too excited and nervous. My flight was at 22:50 and due to the excitement and nervousness, I reached airport at 20:00 hours. Got to the counter of Air Asia for boarding pass and baggage weight check.As per the T&C of Air Asia only 7kgs free hand baggage was allowed on budget airlines. Due to excess food packed by my mom, it turned out to be 13 Kgs. Somehow convinced the staff to let me allow and was successfully issued the boarding pass without any charge.Security check ✓Immigration and few exchange of smiles with officer✓Roamed around the beautiful airport for a while.After almost an hour later, there was an announcement that my flight had been delayed by 2 hr. I checked my boarding pass to see which seat was I allotted. Nervousness again kicked in as I had to travel for a five hour journey with Seat F42. The seat allotted was middle row, middle seat! What a start to my first journey...