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Terminal 2 Mumbai Airport

Piyali Ray
We started our travel from Bombay airport and since it was an early morning flight, we decided to get some booze before we board ????. This is so not advisable peeps, but yeah, I needed it so much and it's fun to drink with your husband just after being the traditional "bahu" (bride) in all those marriage functions. So, yeah I had a crazy, longish drinking session before boarding the flight with my caring husband.
Pankaj Chavan
We chose 68th Republic Day of India to fly off from Terminal 2 Mumbai. The most interesting part for my cousins were their first flight journey. They were all decked up for this experience. 3 people were flying from Pune. This time my cousin Dipak and I reached well before time to complete the airport stereotype so that we could do some shop hopping and Facebooking at airport.
Ripan Dutta
I was waiting at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) for my first international flight to Copenhagen(I was interning there for 2 months in my 3rd yr) and during that time, I was daydreaming a lot about what all things I am going to do while in Europe.Suddenly this idea struck me and excitedly enough, I made up my mind to do this no matter how many people I needed to ask for that 1 pic. But in most places, people were generous enough and I got that pic in the first try.