Aritra Sen
We arrived at Dimapur after a 7 hour journey from Mumbai (including a layover of 2 hours at Kolkata Airport) in a sunny March afternoon. This was our first visit to NorthEastern part of India and we had no idea about what it looked like. The local autorickshaw walas started approaching us and asked for a hefty Rs. 300 for a mere 4km ride to our homestay. Being from a tier I city, my first instinct was to turn towards my cellphone to check if Ola/Uber had any service in this region. As expected, there was none. We 4 took two autorickshaws and started our short ride to the homestay. On our way, we learned that there are only 2 flights to Dimapur, Nagaland on any given day- Indigo and AirIndia (this could be one of the reasons why rickshaw walas charge such hefty sum of money for short rides). Unfortunately the main highway of the city was in extremely poor condition. The bumpy ride through an empty road took us half an hour to reach our destination.Longchen Homestay is located in Aoyimti village (named after the Ao tribes). Our hostess Annie welcomed us and showed us our rooms. Few days before making this trip she mailed us asking if we wanted to have lunch at the homestay. At that time we refused thinking we would find a local restaurant. But from the journey of airport to the village we realized all the local restaurants are very far and we were not sure about what kind of food we may get that late in the afternoon. So we requested Annie to help us by contacting some local restaurants. But after sometime, the caretaker informed us they are making some simple food for us in their kitchen itself.