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Travelling in Nagaland is all about meeting indigenous tribes and learning about their culture. There are over 16 (16 is the recognised number) tribes in the state, with some of them still being at war with each other. Some tribes still have a king, with the locals following their king’s orders more strenuously than that of the Indian government’s. Well, this is Nagaland — wild, exciting and the most non-Indian like.During my recent visit to Nagaland, that started by visiting the popular Hornbill Festival, followed by a 20 day of backpacking across the state, I explored a few offbeat towns, tried strange Naga cuisine, and learned — as much as my brain could comprehend — about different tribes that once ruled here. And in the process, I understood that this part of India is not about about exploring historical sights, but a concoction of many slowly dying cultures.

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