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Chiranjeeb Sonowal
We had an early breakfast and started for Khonoma- The first green village of Asia . Like the earlier days, google maps were the only source of road guidance for us to reach Khonoma and after about 3 hours we finally reached Khonoma from Jakhama.
Larissa D'sa
Rupa Abdi
Khonoma is famous for its unique form of agriculture, including some of the oldest terraced cultivation in the region. The terrain of the village is hilly, ranging from gentle slopes to steep and rugged hillsides.
Rupa Abdi
KHONOMA: A Lesson in Sustainable LivingKhonoma village is located about 20 km from the state capital, Kohima. The village, referred to as Khwunoria (named after the Angami term for a local plant, Glouthera fragrantisima), is estimated to be around 700 years old and is spread over an area of
Due to unfavourable weather conditions, I skipped the trek to Japfu peak. My next stop was an Angami village, Khonoma. It is also known as the green village because hunting and cutting down trees are banned here. To reach Khonoma you first need to get to Kohima, and then from there it is an hour's drive by bus or taxi. With its magnificent paddy fields, intriguing architecture and greenery all around, taking a stroll around the village is a pleasant experience by itself, but hiring a guide is recommended if you wish to learn more about it. There is only one bus out of Khonoma, at 5.30 A.M. So, unless you have arranged for your own private vehicle, you need to stay there overnight and take the bus next morning to reach Kohima, which is what I did. While in Kohima, do visit the war memorial.