Dec 8th: Arrive in Dimapur airport and head to Kohima ( 2 -3 hour drive) Check in at Mima village guest house, approximately 2.5 hours away. Take a short guided tour of the village. Meet one of the village elders in the evening for a story telling session of the village and the folk tales while sipping some local rice brew. Mima village is an Angami tribe village and is close to the Hornbill venue. Mima is famous for its apiaries where the bees have their hive underground. Take part in cultural and traditional sports activities at Mima village each evening of your stay here. Get back in time from the Hornbill for dinner and these vigorous and fun activities. Exclusions (at extra cost) 1. Tea/ coffee, breakfast, lunch, snacks 2. Rice beer - should you choose to try some