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Mon Village

Lavina Solanki
5) Mon Village, NagalandAre you fasinated by the Masai Mara tribes of Africa or the Asaro Mudmen tribes of Papua New Guinea? How about I tell you that there is a tribe in India with a history of headhunters and face tattoos? The Konyak tribes from the Mon village in Nagaland are renowned for their fearless culture and distinguished heritage. Once upon a time, head hunting for prosperity was a common tradition amongst these tribes, the skulls of which were hung proudly outside their houses. The practice was banned by the government in 1960. Today, the last generation of the headhunters with face tattoos and large ear plugs reside in the Mon village. The new generation has adapted to the modern age but there are many traditions still embraced by the tribes to keep their heritage unique and undying. Also, this village is at the borders of India and Burma, half of the village is in India while the other half is in Burma. No international border is considered in this place, people can move freely within this Indo-Burmese village. Also, the Konyak tribes have a King, famously known as Angh. Paying homage to the Angh upon visiting the village is a complusion....