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Ayarpatta Nainital

Starting Point - NCC Office/ Hotel Naini RetreatApproximate distance - 950 m (one-way)This is more of a local haunt where morning and evening walkers can be seen in numbers. This walking route runs slightly parallel to Thanndi Sadak but is at a higher altitude, running through the interiors of Ayarpata. The route starts by branching off from the DSB road, taking you on to a path of light twists and turns. The old world charm of Nainital is hard to miss while walking along old colonial style cottages that came up in a different century altogether. Tiny shops selling items of daily needs are peppered along the way and you will get to see the local population of Nainital going about their way. Houses with typical Kumaoni architecture are nestled along the hillside. A slight detour will lead you to Gurney House, where Jim Corbett lived for years before leaving the country. Plenty of dog walkers frequent this route, as do langurs who are often seen congregating atop the trees of Ayarpata.With glimpses of the Naini lake on one side and a mix of old and new houses and hotels on the other, this walk will lead you right into the Nainital of yesteryears.