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Dorothy's Seat -Tiffin Top

Abhinaw Chauhan
You can reached here via a winding rugged road, commands a fantastic view of Himalayas. If you stay reasonably quiet, your chances of spotting the shy barking deer are reasonably good. The walk from Land’s End to Tiffin Top (6,949 ft.) will get you great views of the Khurpatal. From Land’s End to the stables is another a great walk, ending near Bara Patthar, where you can hire a horse or climb rock in seasons.
Starting Point - Ayar Jungle CampApproximate distance - 1 km (one-way)Perched at the highest point of Nainital’s Ayarpata region, the spot was named by Col J.P. Kellett in memory of his wife Dorothy Kellett, an artist died in a plane crash in 1936. The place got its second name ‘Tiffin Top’ after it became a popular spot for picnicking and tiffin lunches.Ever since horse-riding became prohibited in the area, the number of pedestrians on this cobblestoned path has increased. This walk through dense coniferous trees is immersive, with no sounds of traffic or people reaching you as you make your way up the climb. The walk is best enjoyed on a clear morning any time of the year, though the winter months have a special treat here! While Nainital’s winter snowfall melts away within a day or two, there are shaded spots along this route that receive no sunshine because of the thick forest cover and here you may find patches of snow many days after it as snowed. The walk leads you to an excellent view point with the hills and schools of Nainital on full display. Hot maggi and potato chips are readily available and you can pick a boulder to sit on while you enjoy your food in the company of a fabulous scenery. While locals may use an alternate route to descend from Tiffin Top that leads to the Upper Ayarpata road, anyone unfamiliar with the terrain should exit from the route used for ascent.