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Eco Cave Garden Kmvn

Abhinaw Chauhan
Eco Cave Gardens is 2 km from Mallital, a newly developed tourist spot in Nainital. It comprises several natural inter connected caves of different animals. Cave Gardens of Nainital is a group of interconnected rocky caves and hanging gardens that leads the visitor into a mysterious and ancient dream. Featuring six caves which are named according to the animal they resemble hence there is a tiger cave, panther cave, bat cave, squirrel cave, ape cave and flying fox cave that one passes through well-lit tunnels. As you progress through these caves, the tunnels narrow down slowly and at some places you actually have to crawl on your fours to enter the caves. Although the entrance of these caves are quite narrow, the interiors surprisingly are huge and with each cave the difficulty level increases thus enhancing the fun and adventure of exploring these caves. Adding to this adventurous fun is a musical fountain at the site, which puts up a spectacular display of lights, water, and music.
Mrittika  Paul
Eco Cave Garden was the third spot on our 'places-to-visit-in-Nainital' list. A natural park maintained by the local administration, the Eco Cave Garden is a cluster of interconnected caves and hanging gardens and one of the favorites of the tourists for fun and entertainment. The caves here are named after certain animals in accordance to their size. For example, the Tiger Cave is wide enough for three persons at a time but the Porcupine Cave is so narrow that people have to crawl the whole way. If you're looking for a little adventure and some fun, Eco Cave Garden is the perfect place for you. After exploring the caves, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the musical fountain show conducted in the evening. You can reach the garden by taxi or on foot at any time of the day between 9:30 and 5:30.