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Mall Road

Sakshi Sharma
After boating,we went for shopping in mall road. To enjoy the weather, we rented a bicycle for 1 hour.It was the most amazing experience and on mall road, there was a restaurant named Chandani Chowk which serves pure desi ghee Jalebi.
Nidhi Gupta
Our accommodation had a walkable distance that allowed us with the ease to visit the Mall road at our convenience. The Mall Road is a shopaholic’s and a foodie’s paradise and one could stroll here for hours. The road is loaded with street shops selling the beautiful candles which Nainital is famous for, shopping centres for apparels, gifts and mementos, banks, hotels and lodges and restaurants. Take a nice leisure walk in the evenings on the windy road alongside the magnificent Naini lake looking by the locals singing and alluring caffeine aromas. It leaves a promise to return before you leave!!Nainital EveningsEvenings in Nainital are all about relaxing, relishing food, enjoying some great views. You can easily get lost there with so much to do. Even a casual stroll sipping on your hot coffee will be calming, that is the beauty of the place.
Dr.Shilpa Rao
We came down the same way, and guess what? We could see the highway to Delhi from the amidst of clouds as a line of vehicle lights arrange in the clouds which was so special to watch. After reaching down went to take a walk in the city around the lake and was wandering for food and finally found a Dominos outlet which was so relieving and had tummy full of food and by the way the return was walk was so painful as we have to climb the lanes which are so steep. After reaching room had fun with playing cards and then slept off with plans for the next day.
deepak sharma
Akshansh Singh
So we went back to the city returned the bike and started to roam around the market after searching the entire place we only purchased two handmade diaries as the market was a paradise for women. Then we went to a restaurant for our dinner. After which we went back to the bus stop where a few more pictures of the city's beautiful night light was captured.