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Mall Road

deepak sharma
Akshansh Singh
So we went back to the city returned the bike and started to roam around the market after searching the entire place we only purchased two handmade diaries as the market was a paradise for women. Then we went to a restaurant for our dinner. After which we went back to the bus stop where a few more pictures of the city's beautiful night light was captured.
Akshansh Singh
After we were done with the Jheel we went to the market looking for a ride on which we can travel the place without any time limit and restrictions regarding where we can and where we can't go. But after searching the whole place for bikes we came to a conclusion that we should hire a cab as the prices were pretty high. Until we found a shop with two guys sitting there with a Royal Enfield Classic 350, and after a little bargaining we got the bike at our desired price, also the people of that place were generous enough that they accepted our old 500 rupee notes even after demonetization. With that we started our trip. With only Mr. Kripal Singh knowing how to ride it and me sitting at the back.
Kirat S
The mall road wasn't crowded, wasn't dirty and in fact was quite welcoming. Now, being a regular at the Queen of the hills, Shimla, I was expecting a huge mall road full of branded shops and chirpy tourists. What greeted me was candle shops, old bookstores, shops selling antiques music stores and gift shops. It was a pleasant change and a quiet walk.
Kushendra Tiwary
Shopaholics, this is your destination.