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Thandi Sadak

Starting Point - Tibetan Market/ Naina Devi TempleApproximate distance - 0.88 km (one-way)Regardless of your take on matter of spirituality, this 2 km long walking route will stir your soul in countless ways. Set on a path where no vehicles are allowed to pass, Thanndi Sadak runs along one half of the Naini lake. In my experience, this walk is best enjoyed in the evening, with the setting sun leaving golden streaks on ripples of water. Cross the Tibetan market and begin your walk from the Naina Devi temple, where the lapping water of the lake slowly meets the holy shrine. Evening prayers ring through the town and a sense of calm settles on one and all. From the Temple, make your way to Thanndi Sadak where you will find plenty of people indulging in an evening stroll. The flat surface with minimal slopes makes for an easy walk. The route houses several small temples, each dedicated to a different deity. You’ll cross Shani Dev Mandir, Mata Ka Mandir and Hanuman Mandir, with the tinkle of bells and the sweet smell of burning incense merging together to overpower your senses.As the hillside falls under the cloak of the night, lights from the surrounding houses and hotels light up the lake, the effect being nothing short of a fantastic sound and light show! You can end your evening by doubling back from Hanuman Mandir or walking on till Tallital to grab some hot dinner.
Solitude and peace come as a free voucher in Nainital. The peaceful environment is best to escape from the city hustle. You can take a boat ride in the evening and enjoy the cold breeze, the alluring beauty and fresh your mind with the energizing vibes. Nature has the lot to offer when you are in Nainital. A walk along the lakeside on Thandi Sadak is an unforgettable experience that you will get nowhere.
Kunal Arora
Indulge in your real self as the place is free from the hustle of the markets and traffic.