Elephanta Lake Garden

suraj j
1) Elephanta lake garden - Enjoy the lush greens of the island with great view in front of the water body (DAM) which includes seasonal bird watching and Boating which is active only at certain times over the year.2) Canon point - If you are a person who loves war artifacts and historical monuments you should visit this place for sure. You will me enthralled by the huge canon placed on the Hill slope pointing towards Mumbai.3) Shomeshwar Temple - Enjoy the divine power of the Lord and religious vibes to come along with you for the journey ahead.Heading back:The last return ferry from Gharapuri leaves at 6PM as they say but it might extend till 6.30PM but still don't risk yourself, but i would suggest you to get the last ferry possible to experience one of the best sunsets in Mumbai. Where the ferry would depart you at Gateway of India before 7.30PM. The return ferry journey is a blessing to Enjoy the colorful ball of fire dimming behind the sky-scraping city of Mumbai. Do enjoy your trip and dont litter the places you go and make sure you make use of the dustbins. Try helping the needful and be blessed.