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Mango Tree Restaurant Karaoke & Bar

As we had missed our breakfast so we decided to club breakfast and lunch together and go with "Brunch" at Mango tree restaurant. As soon as we entered to mango tree, we were surprised by the ambiance and the vibe. The restaurant was full with all foreigners. First I felt like we are on some foreign trip but when i noticed to waiters I came back to reality that I'm in Hampi only... We ordred Mango tree special thali and parotha's with thick coffee. Total bill for three - 525Rs.
srishti jugran
We freshened up in a nearby homestay, dropped in for a coconut shake and gorged on an Italian breakfast at Mango Tree, the rural themed chill out joint listed in Lonely planet for its culinary excellence in creativity blends. A hippie vibe, complete with trance music and acid-blue lights, hangs over this popular option serving Mexican, Italian and Indian regulars, with cookies and crumbles on the side. A good range of teas (jasmine, lemongrass and herbal) are also on offer.We hired a bike to roam around the Golden village at 150INR/day, got a map and pumped ourselves up to explore Hampi.Hampi altogether has a different feel from other historic sites. As you whizz around Hampi it will take you to a different historic era altogether.We pushed up to the Tungabhadra river watching early morning ecstasy of the village, took shade in the boulders, watching the locals – fishing and visitors take Coracle ferry to the Anegondi side of the river and finally strolled up towards Hampi bazaar watching shepherds taking their cattle grazing and much more.Best Sights In Hampi