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Woolloomooloo NSW

Dhawal Pagay
‘Woolloomooloo’ Area And The Hyde Park:The naval area of Sydney which house the Australian fleet, its name has an Aboriginal origin and means a ‘Baby Kangaroo’ in the native tongue. The largest finger wharf in Sydney, one will be thrown back into the past during a time when the women came out to wish their husbands farewell as they embarked upon their journeys, to a time when the return of these men was not a certainty owing to the unpredictable nature of war. One is transported to the past, where the threats of the Japanese, hovered over the Australians and the tense atmosphere that would have been created during the times of the horrific World Wars.Just a few blocks away is the Hyde park, which is credited for the augmentation of the first Australian horse race way back in the year 1810. Even till this day, the park has retained its original oval shape as a reminder of its past. The Anzac War Memorial is located in this park and a tribute is paid every morning to all the soldiers of Australia and New Zealand that lost their lives during the various wars.In these places, one is reminded of the horrors that a city has to undergo in order to develop and thrive as one of the most iconic cities in the world, something which I think is very important even in the lives of human beings- to know one’s roots and to not take things for granted.Before I had perceived the progression of the calendar, it was time to leave this incredible city behind. Despite having a heavy heart, I was encouraged by the fact that I had imbibed so much of the culture on offer and had managed to store whatever I could, as mental imprints which would transport me back to the city, whenever I pleased to do so.