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What if I tell you there is a secret trek that on one knows about, located just 27kms from Ooty and the gorgeous views it offers are all to yourself. No guidebooks have this information and no maps has this route marked. It is solely yours and yours only. With a bit of poking around, you too can break out from the pack and discover your own secret slice of Nilgiris.“Name it yourself” Trek“Nilgiris-nature-will-blow-your-mind” Trek. Since there was no name to this trek, I coined the term myself. This trek starts at the base of Red Hills resort in Avalanche, in Nilgiris which is 27 kms from its touristy cousin Ooty. When you start the hike, take the time to nudge down promising-looking dirt roads from the backyard of red hills, it will lead you to a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the entire Nilgiri region. It is an easy-moderate climb; there is no defined route that takes you uphill, all you have to do is keep climbing the hill till you reach the peak. The views enroute the top is very promising but don’t get compromised, the view from the vantage point is killer and one that you wouldn’t have dreamt of.