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Government Botanical Garden

Ayu Parmar
So my another destination was Botanical garden which was approx 3.5 km fro boat house but before that i stopped at a restaurant for lunch, their was a one a single veg item that a meal in their menu and guess they have given a full plate rice and I think 6 type of curry including chutney and a papar, I tried finishing that all but than i gave up. The meal cost me 100 rupee , its quantity is more but quality not too good but what you can expect in 100 rupee in a tourist place. Yeah if you are a non-veg eating person than you will find more items and may be its good as all around me was eating that only.
Chaitali Chatterjee
Once we were back, we visited Botanical Garden, its around 3 km from Ooty station.
Rohith T V
Government Botanical GardensThe Government Botanical Gardens was established in mid-19th century by British Raj which later was taken over by Tamilnadu government post independence. This is being maintained by Horticulture department of Tamilnadu.Lying on the foot of Doddabetta peak this garden has a terraced layout. This garden has resembled me of Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore. The Glass House in this ooty gardens is an notable resemblance. The temperate climate in this region has made this garden flourish and beautiful.
Husein Haveliwala
Vivek Kumar
At Ooty we saw Government Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake, Thread Garden. We shopped at Charing Cross and Tibetan Market, buying the famous Nilgiri tea, and variety of chocolates.