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2 out of 9 attractions in Pahalgam
Kanika Justa
Our first stop was the Aru Valley: This valley has beautiful vast green meadows surrounded by snow capped mountains, lidder river flowing by on the sides and also in the middle of the meadows. The black, brown, white horses grazing the fields, neighing around is a sight to remember. This is that kind of place where you can just sit and gaze at the beauty of the place. Lot of people would come to convince you to take a horse tour of the place. Now, you could do that but we opted otherwise. 2 of us didn't want to do anything and just sit to take in all of that beauty (you can definitely do that) but I decided to explore the place myself.
Day 5: Satlunjan – Aru (10450 feet to 7958 feet, 14 km, 7 hours)This day is the longest day in the trek but the trail is not very challenging. You will again pass through the lush meadows, beautiful valleys and the numerous mountain streams. If you start early enough, then you will probably reach Aru by 3 PM. Then you can head towards Pahalgam as well.
Sameer Wadhwani
On D-day, we left from Srinagar and completed the road-journey till Aru which served as a base-camp for our 5-day trek to Tarsar-Marsar.
prateek goel
So, without relaxing much time at Dal Lake, we started our journey. We hired a mini bus for Pahalgam and while traveling, Kashmiri songs were caroling in the bus, giving us feel of buzzing Kashmir. That's why, my trip to Pahalgam remains in my head forever.
Day 4, Headed to Aru valley and Beetab Valley. That's so Kashmir.