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Tea Plantation

Damini Aggarwal
Palampur is called the Tea Capital of northern India. Tea plantations on both sides of the road when you drive through Palampur are mesmerising. The tea produced is known as Kangra Tea. The various stages of processing of tea leaves can be seen by visiting the Palampur Tea Factory.
Mitali Chakraborty
Being the ‘Tea Capital of North India’, one of the prime tourist destinations are the lush and abundant tea gardens of this city. The town of Palampur gets its name from ‘Pulum’ which means ‘abundant water’. The region with its innumerable streams and brooks flowing automatically makes it a boon for tea plantations. Historically it was established as a town by Dr. Jameson who introduced tea plantation in the hill station, and the town grew as a famous centre for tea plantation within no time. What’s even more fascinating is that in every tea garden, a factory is also located nearby and the workers of these factories are evermore excited to give a free demonstration of the making of tea right from the processing of leaves to the final product.