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- Palampur - Bhuntar - Manikaran... & Palampur After taking bus... towards Palampur, 30 Kms from Bir.... Palampur is well renowned...

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the latter then you should go to Palampur.... Palampur is a hill... with the Dhauladhar ranges. Palampur... Dhauladhar ranges, Palampur...

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Top Places To Visit 5 Spots

Neugal Khad

A place of scenic beauty in the Palampur area, there are walking bridges, lakes and jungle parks in this area. The Saurabh Van Vihar is a major attraction here and this place is somewhat adventurous too. Come with a car only if you know how to drive well as the terrain is sloping. You can also enjoy some camping if you plan to stay here at night too.
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Tea Plantation

Being the ‘Tea Capital of North India’, one of the prime tourist destinations are the lush and abundant tea gardens of this city. The town of Palampur gets its name from ‘Pulum’ which means ‘abundant water’. The region with its innumerable streams and brooks flowing automatically makes it a boon for tea plantations. Historically it was established as a town by Dr. Jameson who introduced tea plantation in the hill station, and the town grew as a famous centre for tea plantation within no time. What’s even more fascinating is that in every tea garden, a factory is also located nearby and the workers of these factories are evermore excited to give a free demonstration of the making of tea right from the processing of leaves to the final product.
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About Palampur

A picturesque and quiet little town, Palampur is a panorama of stunning tea gardens, brooks, creeks, rice paddies and colonial era buildings all set against the backdrop of the breathtaking snow-peaked Dhauladhar ranges. It is perfect for those who seek a getaway from noisy cities and most importantly crowds. A not so popular tourist destination, Palampur is a town early to rise and early to sleep, whilst being a haven for to those who seek solitude, especially in the lap of nature. Places such as the Neogal Park is highly recommended for refreshing and soothing walks amidst the forest overlooking a river, which even consists of a small man-made lake for boating activities. For all tea lovers out there, visit the tea gardens and the Palampur Cooperative Tea Factory to understand the entire process behind tea manufacturing, which will be happily explained to you through a free tour by the people working there, wherein you can also purchase fresh Kangra tea leaves and many different types of tea. For handcraft enthusiasts, especially pottery, Andretta Artist's Village is the perfect place for one to not only purchase those clay crafted beauties but also to learn how to make them from scratch. Palampur is open to both Indian and Western cuisines, with a number of commendable and affordable restaurants to eat at. To try something more authentic or 'Pahari' for that matter, Sai Gardens is highly recommended for its versatility and prowess especially in the Himachali cuisine. Adventure seekers can enjoy paragliding and other activities in Bir, a place about an hour away from Palampur, guaranteed to give you a memorable time.

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Best time to visit Palampur is from March to June


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