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Glory Peak

 Footloose Dev
The town moreover has a few trekking trails, with the most popular being the hike to the highest point in Pfutsero, called the Glory Peak. Offering panoramic views of the valley the Glory peak moreover remains my highlight to capture unreal pictures of Naga mountains. If you are carrying your own tent, you can also camp and make a bonfire at the viewpoint for free (with enough camping space for 10 to 15 people). Just buy your groceries from the town, enjoy your holiday on a budget, and be merry. You will also find a small hut and a beautifully designed treetop sitting area too, to further add to the camping experience. Those who don’t like walking will be glad to know that there’s also a well distinguished motor-able trail that goes all the way to the Glory Peak from the town center.There are also a few caves located right outside Pfutsero, with two popular being the World War-II Japanese Cave and the Miracle Cave located at a distance of about 3 Kms and 8km respectively, outside of the town. It was in the World War-II Japanese Cave where the Japanese soldiers took refuge during the World War II. Another popular cave.A Few Practical Tips