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Carte Blanche Restaurant

Carte Blanche, like many restaurants in Pondicherry, is a heritage building lovingly renovated and decorated in European style. There’s a beautiful courtyard, with a garden, and evenings are softly lit and romantic with candle light and soothing music.I had Creole cuisine here for the first time. Many dishes also have a strong Tamil influence. Creole cuisine originated in Louisiana, United States with influences from several European countries.Seaside trips always mean fresh, delicious sea food dishes. And Carte Blanche does not disappoint. For starters I’d recommend the sea bream carpaccio. Their French Grilled Beef with Ratatouille is absolutely to die for. Creole vegetable soup, Creole Curry (veg or meat), steaks, and fish curries are all delicious. Their signature Earl Grey Crème Brulée dessert is melt-in-your-mouth yummy. You can’t really order something “bad” here.