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Pondicherry is a small French... beach of Pondicherry consists... and overcast.   Pondicherry... at day time: Pondicherry...

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Pondicherry a tropical.... The salubrious Pondicherry weather... to the beach?Pondicherry (or Puducherry... Pondicherry to Chennai...

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paradise beach pondicherry

the last beach on the line of the four beaches, this is the least crowded and also an isolated sort of place. This beach is also known as the Full Moon Beach because of the round shape of it. The white sands and peaceful atmosphere of this place makes it even more charming. The best thrill factor here is that this beach has no road connectivity during and immediately after the monsoons and so there are only two ways by which you can come here. One is by Motor boating from the Half Moon Beach with which this beach is partly attached and the second is by hiking from the Om Beach. The first option is however much safer. You will naturally not fnd any holiday resort around but you can of course arrange picnics here. This beach is a favourite of hippies and the backpackers who love to camp rather than sleep in soft beds while they are on a trip. This is where they often camp during the nights and you can also do the same if you feel you have not had enough fun here.
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Sri Aurobindo Ashram

This is the prime attraction of Pondicherry and is also known as Auroville. This is like a meditation center where everyone is not allowed to enter. You need strict permission to visit the place and then meditate here. The whole structure of the Ashram is of a ball which is wrapped with golden discs. you need to take off your shoes and enter this ashram with white socks. As you enter this ashram you have to cross a number of stairs and then enter the innermost chamber. Here you will see a huge flower with 12 petals and also 12 huge columns or pillars. The number 12 is a representation of the 12 common aspects of the Universal Mother. This is also the reason why this place is also known as the Mother House. The Pillars inside this chamber do not reach the ceiling. This is to depict that meditation and knowledge does not have any end to it. You find immense peace over here and also get a lot of answers for the inner questions which bother you.
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About Pondicherry

Pondicherry used to be India's biggest French colony, and is now the home of many French citizens. This has an influence on the architecture, food and culture. The rocky Promenade Beach is ideal to take long walks along the serene Bay of Bengal. The yellow sand, yellow sea and yellow sky merge to create a breathtaking panorama. Do indulge in scubadiving to experience the abundance of aquatic flora and fauna. The Soorya Beach Resort and Le Pondy Resort are excellent choices for staying by the sea. The city is also the location of Auroville. This innovative township houses explanatory concepts based on diverse philosophies and ideas. The Aurobindo Ashram here is a platform to seek spiritual pleasure. Through the method of integral yoga, the followers aim to become one with the divine, without renouncing the world. A distinct food culture is also notable due to the Franco-Tamil hybridity. Delectable French pastries, baguettes and appams! Seafood and continental! Savour the flavour. Oh! And I almost forgot to mention the rock-bottom prices of alcohol. For delectable food, try Cafe Xtasi and Baker Street. Try ice-cream from a wide variety at Ibaco. A visit is worth a palpable sense of contentment in India’s own French connection.

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Best time to visit Pondicherry is from November to February


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