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Barun Mittal
I, being a foodie, had heard about the delicious French cuisine available in the city and hence we headed towards the Baker Street there. As I entered, I was stunned to see the variety of the Breads, Pastries, Cakes and what not, available there. I had not seen such a variety anywhere ever since I left UK. Coming back, we ordered a variety of sandwiches and cakes and enjoyed them.Post the food, we started off towards the Paradise beach. We had heard that the Paradise beach was the best beach in Pondicherry and there were two ways to reach the beach-1. Via the motor boats that pick you up from Chunnambar Boat House and take you across the Chunnambar river2. You take your vehicle across the river, through the bridge and then divert towards the river. This route was longer.
Palak Airon
With that our tip ends, there you will find many places to eat at every nook and corner, so food is not at all a problem. Fusion of French and Indian food makes it even more interesting, if you find any decent restraunt pizzas and pasta might be spotted in the menu. There are lot many bakeries also that offers amazing chocolate pakoras and many other Italian delicacies that you can try.Please do share your experience too and if any guidance needed for the trip, if u r planning, do let me know in the comments below.
Aakanksha Magan
9am – Pondicherry's French rulers left a legacy in the city that can be seen all over town. One way to experience it is in the form of a delicious breakfast of croissant, quiche, coffee and macarons. Baker Street on Bussy Street (123, Bussy St, MG Road Area) is the best bet for breakfast. Open from 7am onwards, the must-try dishes here are chicken quiche, chocolate croissant and baguette. Price for two is approximately Rs. 500.
Swagatika Sarangi
Baker StreetYou will find Baker Street in everyone’s recommendation. The French bakery in Bussy Street has an aromatic smell of freshly baked breads and cheese stored in the fridge. Even though the staff were native South Indian, they spoke fluent french with their french customers. You will be delighted to see an array of baguettes, multigrain bread, dinner rolls, pastries, macaroons, meringue, cheesecake, tarts and they even have pizza, salad, quiche, sandwiches, juice and coffee. One thing is for sure, Baker Street won’t disappoint you.
Returned back by evening then took time to wander around the white town, as it is known for its French colonial effect. Had my meal in “baker’s street”, did some shopping from the stores and handicrafts shops there then spent night on the rocks of beach <3