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Park Guest House

Pritishree Dash
We reached Pondicherry in the evening at around 5:00 pm. What we found was a rainy little crowded tamil town contrary to our expectation of a completely french town at first. But later, once the eyes started adjusting to the milieu, we realized that there was a perfect blend of french-tamil heritage with neither overpowering the other. We stayed at the hotel that we booked then and didn't go for the one we had reserved earlier. The place gave an archaic feeling with long, wooden pillars and a patio. The place was filled with daylight pouring off the clear roofing. It was a reasonably good place and the staff was extremely friendly and cooperative. They gave us a fair idea about the places to see and a map to keep handy.
Krisha Chakraborty
One of the properties managed by the Ashram. No non-veg, liquor & main gate closes at 10PM. Facing sea with a garden in front. Beautiful accommodation.