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Promenade Beach

gouri basak
Rock beach,Promenade beach:Evening and night life of pondi is very happening around the beach area.Long stretch around 1.2 km starts from war memorial and end at dupliex park.the evening we spent on rock beach watching waves are playing with rocks while sky is become red before sun is going to be disappeared.There are lots of happening restaurant adjacent to beach front, so evening time is ideal to spend to a restaurant with your loved one eating variant mouth watering delicious delicacy with load music.
Promenade BeachIt is the most popular beach at Pondicherry, India along the Bay of Bengal. People often call it as a rock beach because of the rocky shoreline. It is a 1.2-kilometre-long stretch in Pondicherry, starts from War Memorial and ends at Dupleix Park on the Goubert Avenue.A walk in the evening makes the perfect holiday while you grub some fruits on the go:)Although we spent only a weekend at Pondicherry, it was one peaceful trip off the reality. If you enjoyed reading this, then more Travel blogs on your way:)Until next time,With love Grubmode xoxoThis blog was originally posted on Grubmode.
Siva Ilankumaran
Promenade or Rock Beach is a famous and beautiful beach in Pondy in its own way. The rock boulder, paved walkway, location in white town, sea facing cafes are popular for Promenade. It welcomes people right before sunrise till wee hours. 24 hours café is an useful amenity here. But it is the ultimate feeling of beach is rather missing as getting legs soaked, let alone getting drenched, itself is impossible.
Sushmitha Rao
We clicked some pictures here and enjoyed the tourist places, all of them located in this road. During the day, traffic is allowed so we could easily cover places with our car. We had a very relaxing time listening to the waves hitting the rocks and seeing the vast beach under the sun.
Does anybody love to visit the beach in the scorching afternoon, when the sun is straight above your heads !?. This place is for those people. Even at 1 pm, you can take a walk in the beach with the salty breeze. It’s a rock beach and a long coastal stretch along the Bay of Bengal. With dashing sea waves, this place can easily become your sweetspot when you spend more and more time there. Yes it’s the Sea.