Tanto Pizzeria 1/4 by Tripoto

Tanto Pizzeria

Anjali sahrawat
For the wood fired pizza and home cooked spaghetti, this place is a must visit. The place has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Not to be missed when you are visiting Auroville.Known for their terrific wood fired pizzas with garden fresh toppings, Tanto’s pizzeria will leave you craving more of their yummilicious Italian fare. With a laid-back, nature-infused setting, ever-smiling staff and an absolutely amazing homemade iced tea, Tanto is where you should be if pizza is your thing. Just eat anything and everything from here, you are sure to love it!Once you go there, trust me you'll go there again, and again.Price: AverageOpening Hours: 9.00am to 7pmWatch out for: Suggestion of the day
Anusha Alvandar
God bless these Pizzas !!! We ordered Californian and Indian Pizzas. They were such a treat. I loved this place and the food that soothes the soul. Pastas were great too. This is on the way to Auroville and a must visit for all Pizza lovers