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Pune International Airport

Sekar dhanasekaran
Reached Pune airport by flight from Chennai Early Morning (5 AM), then took a bus to Bhima Shankar Shiva temple (first) by bus. After darshan headed to Nashik and overnight stayed there as we had pre-booked the room
Ravi Kumar Rana
At 4.45 I was at his place and the very first thing he offered me was a glass of Wine and left over food. Well that's what I was expecting because he is my best friend. We met after 4 years of gap so we had a lot of talk about. Actually I was waiting for another friend to come who works in night shift and was suppose to come by 7.30AM.When he came back, immediately I throw up my Goa plan on his face. After a short discussion on we decided to take bus from Pune to Goa as it's the most convenient option.
Shubhangi Chauhan
Arrived at Pune at around 5.00am. To be precise t was 12th Day of trip. After 3 hrs of sleep I reported at my office.Back to my equally important 9 to 5 life !Summary of the trip (Food expenses excluded):
My flight landed at Pune around 11:45 and plan was to start around 12:30, because we had to reach Indore same day. That was around 589 Kms, quite long considering that time we were starting.Funniest part, when we left from aiport, we took the wrong way to get outside of the side which costed us 1.5 hours. From airport via Rajgurunagar, we left Pune. Since, no body had eaten anything, we stopped around 2:30 pm to have lunch around 50-60 kms from Pune. The route we took to Indore was Pune -> Sangamner -> Chandwad -> Malegaon -> Dhule --> Sendhwa --> Maheshwar --> Indore.Till Dhule it its National Highway 60 and then NH-52. Both of the highways are really good.Stopped every 100-125 Kms to get refreshed and have tea. Feeling refreshed is very important if you are continuously driving in long journeys. This helps to concentrate as well.One of the thing we learn is that google maps keeps improvising your maps which screws up the path you chose. It assumes that you always want to travel in less time, so keeps adopting the new path. This costed us a lot of time because the new path wasn't highway but a village road with no traffic.TIP: If possible select a path on long journey and turn off internet, so google does not improvise and try to be smart :P.By the time it was 10 pm and we were still far from Indore and target for the day was quite far. The overall road is great and you just zoom past everything. Consistent speed over 100 Kms/hour can be easily maintained if you are on highway. Roads after Chandwad was really good and we really enjoyed night driving.One thing to remember in the night is to have dinner if you are passing from the city itself. On the highway sometimes becomes very difficult to get good place to eat food and get refreshed. We realized it a lot of time during this trip towards Indore.
Driving by Pune on the way to Bangalore NH-4 via the Pune bypass road