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Brahma Mandir

Damini Aggarwal
This is the only temple in India dedicated to Lord Brahma. There are various stories associated to - why it is the only temple in India where Lord Brahma (creator) is workshipped. One being that when his wife Savitri failed to join him for yagna, Brahma married Gayatri and completed the yagna. As a result, the enraged Saraswati cursed Brahma that he will be workshipped only in Pushkar and no where else.
Sudarshan Kribakar
Earlier in the day I enjoyed some breath-taking views around the resort and got ready to visit one of the temples in the world dedicated to lord Brahma, the creator. I Performed puja in the famous Pushkar Lake which is surrounded by mountains and is the home of 1000 temples. Keeping in mind that I have 400 km to be covered to reach Delhi, I packed my things quickly and checked out from the hotel and started my way back to Delhi via Jaipur in NH 8. The stretch was to be covered on a sunny day but thank god it was not that hectic. Finally I entered Delhi with a proud smile having covered 1663 kms alone in a span of 5 days.
4. Brahma Temple, Pushkar -There are very few temples dedicated to the Lord of creation, Brahma all over the world and this being one of the most ancient ones, draws numerous Hindu pilgrims every year. This temple is mostly blue in colour and getting a glimpse of the deity could be tricky due to the heavy footfall, be ready to fight the odds traversing through the crowd when you enter here to offer your prayers. Good luck!