Hotel Lake View 1/1 by Tripoto
shruti badyal
History is not just a name here. Walk through the swanky corridors of the Pushkar palace and relive the era of the Maharajas. And if you are looking for something more basic, stay where I did. Get in touch with the Lake view hotel. The house belongs to the Parikh Brahmans from Kalva, a village in Parbatsar, Rajasthan. Some 200-year-old house that this is, it belongs to Sita Ram Ji Mant Maharaj who now runs the clan of Shri Sudarhsan Das Maharaj. The verandahs remind you of a time when families lived in big clans. This one still does. With a small kitchen to serve you all you want, the chefs are not the kind you find elsewhere. They are a part of the family too. Adding to the company of chai and their bestselling Ginger Honey Tea is an array of books, most left by tourists as a token of their gratitude this family.