Secunderabad Railway Station

Karim S A
Or if you insist on Train travel, get into the SC BKN SPL Train No. 17037 at 23.00 Hrs, forget the next 26 odd hours because you will reach Ahmedabad at 00.55 AM of day two. From there you can take a State run Bus to Jaisalmer. But don't be daunted by the time to travel nor the distance to cover, because train journeys have an interwoven story embedded in them. Be a little inquisitive, and weave your own sweet little story in the train.After all, Nature's magnanimity lies in very many forms: The mighty Himalayan Mountains, the Deep Oceans and the Seas, and in the vast expanse of Deserts.The Great Indian Desert also known as the Thar Desert which is in Rajasthan also extends into Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana. And interestingly 25% of the Thar Desert spills into the neighboring country.Sand and sand everywhere you stretch your eyes. The songs of Bollywood movies have romanticized the beauty of the Deserts and immortalized the place. It's truly a place to fall in love with.Rajasthan is truly majestic because of its royal roots. You find Palaces and Forts every where.When in Jaisalmer, don't miss the following:
Karim S A
Tungabhadra Express (Train No. 17024 SCB - KRNT) starts at 07.30 AM from Secunderabad Railway Station. Be there at 07.00 AM so that together we can have our share of typical South Indian breakfast of Idli, Wada, Upma, Dosa, Puri + Coffee/Tea. Eat to your heart's content and to the brim of your stomach so that you don't ask for anything else en route. Ok, in the train, when the vendors sell Samosa and Tea you can have it too, don't you worry :).Train journeys for some are literally boring, since the vast expanse of landscape outside the window is only of agricultural fields stretching miles and miles, and some poetic minds find beauty in it. Some train journeys are lively, specially if you are in good company. I am not talkative, but yeah sure we can talk of our trips and Tripoto.Don't be fooled by the "Express" tag of this train, since it literally stops at the sight of every station on it's route. So, by the time you reach Jogulamba Halt Station it is 11.51 AM. The major stations though are only Jadcherla, Mahboob Nagar and Gadwal.
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Railway Station